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Adding Images to WordPress Sidebars Is About To Get a Lot Easier


In this article Jeff Chandler (Who is a contributing writer for WPTavern) discusses the future of adding images to the sidebars on WordPress in a more simplistic way. Jeff talks about how the input of an image on the sidebars is a burden for users. With a long and tedious process of going through several tasks such as finding the URL, copying it, and pasting it into a text widget. Until recently no one listened to Mel Choyce (A product designer) who suggested that the media be added to the core. This was two years ago when Mel suggested this and just now WordPress is now working on it.

The idea of making a catch-all media widget that allowed users to add images, audio, and video to a sidebar was passed around for a long time. This idea helps make widgets more tailored experiences, it will be easier for people to discover new media types, people won’t be buried within one widget, and it makes an easy yet complex transition to new content blocks.


I really like this article and love the fact that WordPress keeps up with its users. The fact that WordPress lets out a Demo for this small idea that isn’t really a big ordeal is kind of commendable. It’s kind of depressing on how long it took for their to be some action done for this little idea. Yet in the end there is some progress being made so it’s kinda of nice to see a well functioning community.

Adding Images to WordPress Sidebars Is About to Get a Lot Easier

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