DMT 155

WordPress is a useful tool especially to newcomers who want to be part of the internet. This tool is probably one of the most simplistic ways for people to create their website. Everything is laid out for you once you log into WordPress. All you have to do is be creative and innovative with what you are posting. If WordPress is a very difficult tool for someone to use then anything else will probably be very difficult.

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Content Creation Is About More Than the Editor


This article is written by Jeff Chandler and he talks fights against WordPress and how it’s changed over the years. He says how editors of WordPress have lost their sight into what is really important about WordPress, the content. Instead of making cool looking and working features, we should really be getting what we are thinking and contemplating out of our minds and out into the public. ┬áThe content we create is only important for the day and make no effect into the lingering day.

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Adding Images to WordPress Sidebars Is About To Get a Lot Easier


In this article Jeff Chandler (Who is a contributing writer for WPTavern) discusses the future of adding images to the sidebars on WordPress in a more simplistic way. Jeff talks about how the input of an image on the sidebars is a burden for users. With a long and tedious process of going through several tasks such as finding the URL, copying it, and pasting it into a text widget. Until recently no one listened to Mel Choyce (A product designer) who suggested that the media be added to the core. This was two years ago when Mel suggested this and just now WordPress is now working on it.

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Cyberbullying Title


Cyberbullying is the use of web-based communication media or hand-held technologies by an individual or group to deliver slanderous, harassing, demeaning, obscene, racist or other offensive messages, images, or video either directly or indirectly that result in emotional harm to the target of the communication. The concept of cyberbullying has emerged in the twenty first century as one that must be investigated and understood as educational institutions transition steadily into the use and integration of technology into education. It is essential that students, parents, educators, and counselors comprehend the impact of surreptitious bullying based via the Internet and other hand-held technologies. To that end, this entry will review the history of bullying research, the transition of bullying into cyberspace, and its increased impact when hosted via technology.

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