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Video Editing on an Ipod Touch


A question to J.D. Biersdorfer (the author of this article) was posed about the usability of and iPod Touch. This question was asked back in Nov. 10, 2010 so there is a seven year difference in video editing which is a pretty big leap. But surprisingly you can do a small amount of editing on an iPod Touch as said by Biersdorfer.

Biersdorfer says there is a decent amount of editing you can use on an iPod Touch. For starters you can cut and trim video clips just by clicking and dragging the end of the clip on the timeline. You can also add filters. You will need to download multiple applications to do more types of editing. Such as adding text, making transitions, and putting in music.


I find this fascinating due to the fact that such basic things are capable for an original iPod Touch all the way back in 2010. All video editing programs change over time, adding new features to make it more advanced and complex. Yet all of them always have the base features that the iPod Touch can do. So to see this progress is quite fascinating and can be compared to what an iPhone can do now.

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